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Re-typeset stamps

Rubber stamp projectsPosted by Chris Pittman Sun, June 17, 2012 12:43AM

Here are seven newly typeset stamps I made recently. The Wehrmachtstreifenkommandeur and Wehrkreis-Ersatz-Depot stamps are stamps that would have existed during WWII but of which I had no examples to copy, while the "Festung Grauerort" and "Festungskommandantur" stamps are for a special project and may not have actually existed in 1939-1945. For projects like these I use period-type fonts as shown. The original stamps from before 1945 were made in a variety of fonts using moveable metal type. Most of these typefaces were original creations of the Third Reich and are not available as computer fonts, so similar fonts must be used. When making multiple stamps for the same project I always use a few different fonts and letter styles (with or without ligatures, etc.) to create an authentic-looking amount of variation in the stamp images. I base the fonts and the sizes of the stamps on original examples of the same kinds of stamps.

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