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New Leitz binder labels

Reproduction PaperworkPosted by Chris Pittman Fri, October 03, 2014 10:53AM
I picked up a few used Leitz binders recently.
The new spine labels obviously are not period-looking. I have previously made some different period-type labels using graphics from wartime office supply companies but for the sake of variety I wanted to do something different with these and I decided to try to make a real Leitz label. Leitz started making these binders around 1900 and the look has not changed all that much. The label has certainly changed, the old-style logo had almost Chinese-looking characters. I finally found a picture of the original logo that was good enough to copy so I worked up a new spine label with the old-style logo.
I still do not have an original wartime or pre-war label that I could copy exactly so I had to use some creativity here but I am very pleased with the result. Here is a PDF:

Leitz Binder Labels

Cut carefully just inside the borders. These are sized for 3" binders. New Leitz binders are available from Empire Imports.

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