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Reproduction handles for round Dienststempel stamps

Rubber stamp projectsPosted by Chris Pittman Tue, August 26, 2014 03:15PM
I have been working on these for months and am finally satisfied with these. I will be adding these to the web site soon.

It can be difficult to find old used stamp handles that will fit the round "Dienststempel" service stamps that are the most important stamps for personal ID paperwork and other military and civilian documents. Originals varied, here are a couple pictures of original stamp handles (first picture Spence Waldron collection):
I have copied the style that I believe was the most common and typical. These are made here in Massachusetts, hand-turned on a lathe from solid maple. Each one is about 3.25" high and the bottom is sized to fit standard Dienststempel stamps- the handle is about 40mm in diameter, original stamps (the rubber or metal part) were approximately 35mm. Because they are individually made and finished by hand they vary slightly and may have very slight imperfections but they are all very nice. Each one is burnished on the lathe, coated with linseed oil then finished with a gloss clear coat. They even have the brass pins in the handle as seen on originals to indicate which way to hold them when stamping. Here are pictures:

The cost for these handles is $12 each for just the handle or $25 each complete with a rubber stamp, plus shipping. Shipping is $3 for 1-3 stamps in the USA. In my opinion these original-type handles really add to a Schreibstube display. Please e-mail me at for ordering information.

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