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Reproduction PaperworkPosted by Chris Pittman Tue, March 20, 2012 10:41PM

One of the duties of the 1. Schreiber working under the Hauptfeldwebel was keeping track of the unit roster, or Truppenstammrolle. This roster was a book with one double-sided page for each member of the Kompanie. This page recorded all kinds of pertinent details about each soldier. Often I find pages from these records in groupings of ID paperwork, usually tucked into the Soldbuch. In these cases these documents, which have many variations, are usually marked "Auszug aus der Truppenstammrolle" (Excerpt from the Truppenstammrolle). For some reason copies of the information kept in the Truppenstammrolle must have been handed to individual soldiers at times. This is quite a handy thing to have from a reenactment paperwork perspective. Here are some pictures of a reproduction of this form I have made, in comparison with an original.

It has not been re-typeset, the lettering has been exactly copied from the original. It is sized to be printed on A4 size paper. I have created a PDF of this form and uploaded it to the Files section of the "Wehrmacht Schreibstube" Yahoo group at, you need to join the group to get access to this and many other files.

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